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Hector Gordon hectoraigordon at
Wed Jan 16 10:24:34 GMT 2008

> You should update KDevelop to a more recent version, we provide Suse rpm
> packages directly from the Download area on our website.
> No response?? cin won't give you any response, it'll just eat the next
> input character.
> That said, I suspect you run your application inside KDevelops
> "Application" tab. The problem is that this tab is meant purely to
> capture output from the app, its not meant to provide means of input
> into the application. To do that go to the project options->Run Options
> and enable the "start in external terminal" item. That will launch a
> fully working external terminal (kde's konsole by default) into which
> you can type your input.
> Andreas
> Many thanks Andreas for the advice and explanation. Starting in a terminal
> actually gave rise to other changes in the programme operation so it is back
> to the drawing board but with a better understanding of kdev and (partial)
> return to sanity.

            Thanks again, all the best      Ian

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