Using subversion in a project

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Feb 18 11:09:07 GMT 2007

On 17.02.07 23:04:14, Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> I started a new KDevelop project and selected subversion in the 
> version control system dialog of the new project wizard. Then two 
> options are presented: "Do not do anything" and "Create a project 
> tree and import new project into trunk".
> If I choose the second option and fill in the svn repo URL (using the 
> svn:// protocol), the project is not created when the wizard is 
> finished and no error messages are shown.

I have the same issue here and am not sure what exactly is happening.
What I do know is that the svn ioslave creates the necessary dirs in the
subversion repository, but the files never get added. As KDevelop
happily deletes the project dir to checkout from the svn repository you
only get a few empty dirs and no opened project.

> If I choose the first option, the project is created normally. 
> However, I can't find a way to setup the svn repository after the 
> project is created. Where do I inform the repo URL and the login 
> credentials?

You don't do either. The svn-metadata has the repository url and the
credentials are stored in your $HOME/.svn or asked from you on every

> The "subversion" context menu appears when I right-click a file or 
> directory in file tree, file list or file selector tabs,

Ok, so the project was checked out from your subversion server, else the
svn actions won't show up.

> but if I try to use any of its options, I get the following error: "It
> was not possible to start the process. It was not possible to create
> the io-slave: klauncher said: unknown protocol 'svn+http'."

That indicates a problem with the subversion ioslave from KDE. Open your
project directory in Konqueror and check wether you can use any of the
actions there. If that works, I have no idea why it doesn't in KDevelop.

Anyway I very much suggest to not try to use the integrated svn stuff,
its just too basic to be useful for anything but update/commit and it
often has such weird problems. A real subversion client (either
commandline or GUI) will serve you better.


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