Using subversion in a project

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at
Mon Feb 19 12:57:15 GMT 2007

Thanks very much for your answer, I'll try kdesvn.


Em Dom 18 Fev 2007, Andreas Pakulat escreveu:
> On 17.02.07 23:04:14, Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> > I started a new KDevelop project and selected subversion in the
> > version control system dialog of the new project wizard. Then two
> > options are presented: "Do not do anything" and "Create a project
> > tree and import new project into trunk".
> > If I choose the second option and fill in the svn repo URL (using
> > the svn:// protocol), the project is not created when the wizard
> > is finished and no error messages are shown.
> I have the same issue here and am not sure what exactly is
> happening. What I do know is that the svn ioslave creates the
> necessary dirs in the subversion repository, but the files never
> get added. As KDevelop happily deletes the project dir to checkout
> from the svn repository you only get a few empty dirs and no opened
> project.
> > If I choose the first option, the project is created normally.
> > However, I can't find a way to setup the svn repository after the
> > project is created. Where do I inform the repo URL and the login
> > credentials?
> You don't do either. The svn-metadata has the repository url and
> the credentials are stored in your $HOME/.svn or asked from you on
> every action.
> > The "subversion" context menu appears when I right-click a file
> > or directory in file tree, file list or file selector tabs,
> Ok, so the project was checked out from your subversion server,
> else the svn actions won't show up.
> > but if I try to use any of its options, I get the following
> > error: "It was not possible to start the process. It was not
> > possible to create the io-slave: klauncher said: unknown protocol
> > 'svn+http'."
> That indicates a problem with the subversion ioslave from KDE. Open
> your project directory in Konqueror and check wether you can use
> any of the actions there. If that works, I have no idea why it
> doesn't in KDevelop.

> Anyway I very much suggest to not try to use the integrated svn
> stuff, its just too basic to be useful for anything but
> update/commit and it often has such weird problems. A real
> subversion client (either commandline or GUI) will serve you
> better.
> Andreas

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