Saving Class Diagram:How To?????

Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Sun Feb 18 09:02:31 GMT 2007

>             If what you suggested is different from the One Provided with
> Kdevelop Menu Options,
>             then could you please give me the steps to generate through
> Doxygen.

The next instructions require that you have doxygen and dot installed.

In menu Project -> Project options is a configuration tab (several, to be 
honest) for Doxygen. Configure your project, i. e. specify the input and 
ouput pathes, ... Under tab Dot of the doxygen configuration check the 
option "Generate graphical hierarchy" and check the option "Use dot".

In menu Build select Build API documentation.

Open the generated API documentation (index.html) in your favourite browser 
and follow under Classes -> Class hierarchy the link to the graphical class 
hierarchy. Unfortunately, it seems that for every independant inheritance 
tree an indiviual inheritance diagram is generated. You might need to 
post-process them manually with gimp et al. to create one large image. Well, 
this approach seems to be a workaround instead of a solution.

Good luck,

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