Problems in Version 3.4.0-1

hg hg at
Fri Apr 27 14:07:20 BST 2007


I updated KDevelop to version 3.4.0-1 build by SUSE for 10.2. and encountered 
some problems. After reverting back to 3.4.0 everything is fine again.
So just to let you know:

1) Under project setting -> versioncontrol the subversion item is missing. The 
other three are there.

2) On start KDevelop needs a long time to search for files and than offers an 
dialog to import files. It takes a long time cause in my case there are lots 
of files and directories with source files not included in the project. And 
that's the way I want it. So one should be able to skip that dialog.

3) KDevelop crashes after finishing the project load. Sometimes a little 
later, but crashes almost certainly after a while (maybe that's the reason I 
get the dialog from 2. over and over again)

It might be a problem of the SUSE build, i don't know.

By the way: Allthough I was actually adicted to gnu emacs I'm starting to 
really like your IDE. Thanks everybody involved.

Best wishes

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