Subversion integration

hg hg at
Fri Apr 27 13:47:37 BST 2007


I have imported a custom makefile project (c++) that is under versioncontrol 
(subversion). I see the subversion submenu on the project files, I see colors 
according to the different states. Everthing seems to be fine.

But when I choose 'Diff to Head' or "Diff to Disk" from that menu I get the 
following error messagebox:

Original in german:
"Kann keine ra_local Verbindung zu einer URL aufbauen
Projektarchiv 'file:///home/hg/src/ataq/Makefile' kann nicht geƶffnet werden"

that translates to english:
"Can not create a ra_local connection to an URL
Projectarchive file:///home/hg/src/ataq/Makefile' could not be opend"

Any help is appreciated?

(I'm using KDevelop 3.4.0 on openSUSE 10.2)

Best wishes


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