Problems in Version 3.4.0-1

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Apr 27 15:31:42 BST 2007

On 27.04.07 15:07:20, hg wrote:
> I updated KDevelop to version 3.4.0-1 build by SUSE for 10.2. and encountered 
> some problems. After reverting back to 3.4.0 everything is fine again.
> So just to let you know:

Is that the version that is linked from our website, downloadable from
the suse buildservice? 

> Problems:
> 1) Under project setting -> versioncontrol the subversion item is missing. The 
> other three are there.

Then they disabled svn support. IIRC the rpm's provided on our website
for SuSE have disabled svn support due to some build problems for that.

> 2) On start KDevelop needs a long time to search for files and than offers an 
> dialog to import files. It takes a long time cause in my case there are lots 
> of files and directories with source files not included in the project. And 
> that's the way I want it. So one should be able to skip that dialog.

Thats not possible unfortunately, however that dialog will only appear
once, and if you don't select any items then it will remember that (the
files and directories will be blacklisted). The searching is done every
time a project is opened (IIRC) and that indeed takes a bit,
unfortunately its not possible to move the search into a separate

> 3) KDevelop crashes after finishing the project load. Sometimes a little 
> later, but crashes almost certainly after a while (maybe that's the reason I 
> get the dialog from 2. over and over again)

Right, if kdevelop crashes it can't save the project file with the
blacklist. I'm not sure when these rpm's were built but there were some
instabilities in the C++ parser lately. Those have been fixed a week
ago, so maybe you want to try compiling the svn version (if our
anonymous svn server is fully available again)

> It might be a problem of the SUSE build, i don't know.

The first one yes. The second one, no and I can't change that before the
3.4.1 release because it would add a new string and we are in message
freeze. I'll think about providing an option to turn off the
recursive-find-on-project-open after the KDE 3.5.7/KDevelop3.4.1

> By the way: Allthough I was actually adicted to gnu emacs I'm starting to 
> really like your IDE. Thanks everybody involved.



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