cannot launch kdevdesigner

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Oct 2 13:01:08 BST 2006

On 02.10.06 16:40:01, kitts wrote:
> I am attempting to build an app using kdevelop anddesigner but everytime i 
> double click on a .ui file it complains that it could not find 'designer' 
> (QT designer?). I want it to use embedded kdevdesigner and have made the 
> corresponding choice in kdevelop settings.
> How do i correct this behavior? I am running 3.3.92 compiled from source and 
> kde 3.5.4. If it matters i have kde prefix as '/usr' where as the kdevelop 
> prefix as '/usr/local'.

What type of project are you using? Have you set the Qt options under
Project Options->C++ Support->Qt tab to Qt3 or Qt4? The embedded
designer can only be used with Qt3 projects.

> Apart from that the templates in kdevelop seem obsolete. Owing to wrong 
> autoconf version, I couldn't compile a freshly created kde project until i 
> replaced the admin directory with what i downloaded with the kdevelop 
> source.

The svn version of kdev3.4 uses branches/KDE/admin (as does kdevelop
itself) for the templates, i.e. the problems should be fixed there.

> Also the makefile for 'kernel module' needed slight modification.

Please don't expect all templates to work. There are just too many to
have them all work all the time. Especially "exotic" ones, like kernel
module might not work.


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