cannot launch kdevdesigner

kitts kitts.mailinglists at
Mon Oct 2 13:57:43 BST 2006

On Monday 02 October 2006 17:31 IST, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> What type of project are you using? Have you set the Qt options under
> Project Options->C++ Support->Qt tab to Qt3 or Qt4? The embedded
> designer can only be used with Qt3 projects.

Thanks. Here was the problem. Although qt3 was enabled here, i found the 
option for the UI Designer integration set to "Run Qt Designer". I had set 
it to "Use KDevelop's embedded designer" under Settings->Configure KDevelop 
but that did not help. Does this global setting now have no effect?

> The svn version of kdev3.4 uses branches/KDE/admin (as does kdevelop
> itself) for the templates, i.e. the problems should be fixed there.


> > Also the makefile for 'kernel module' needed slight modification.
> Please don't expect all templates to work. There are just too many to
> have them all work all the time. Especially "exotic" ones, like kernel
> module might not work.

And understandably so. I was just bringing it to notice for anybody who 
cared. The changes however, are minor.

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