cannot launch kdevdesigner

kitts kitts.mailinglists at
Mon Oct 2 12:10:01 BST 2006

I am attempting to build an app using kdevelop anddesigner but everytime i 
double click on a .ui file it complains that it could not find 'designer' 
(QT designer?). I want it to use embedded kdevdesigner and have made the 
corresponding choice in kdevelop settings.

How do i correct this behavior? I am running 3.3.92 compiled from source and 
kde 3.5.4. If it matters i have kde prefix as '/usr' where as the kdevelop 
prefix as '/usr/local'.

Apart from that the templates in kdevelop seem obsolete. Owing to wrong 
autoconf version, I couldn't compile a freshly created kde project until i 
replaced the admin directory with what i downloaded with the kdevelop 
source. Also the makefile for 'kernel module' needed slight modification.

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