How do Qt app makefiles get created, when creating a new project?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Nov 16 08:48:54 GMT 2006

On 15.11.06 22:45:04, craig harris wrote:
> How do you port a Qt 4.1.2 app to Qt 4.2.1?

There shouldn't be much porting involved here.

> The way qt projects get made is mysterious to me.  And I'm having difficulty digging up any documentation.

is pretty extensive.

>  I'm guessing that since my path has qt 4.1.2 in it, when I create a new project of type "Qt Application", Kdevelop somehow knows how to build a qt makefile.

No it doesn't KDevelop never creates Makefiles, it uses the build-system
for that. In case of Qt-Projects that is often qmake, so all KDevelop
does is run "qmake" on the top-level project dir.

> So when I upgrade to Qt 4.2.1, I'm guessing that I just change my path to include qt 4.2.1 instead of 4.1.2.  Will this work?

For KDevelop3.3 yes, that should work. You have to do a qmake run, by
right-clicking on the top-level project item in the qmake manager and
then all is fine.

>  IS there any other more articulate way to understand how kdevelop is building the qt makefile?

As said above, KDevelop doesn't do it. It just runs the qmake that is in
first PATH. The documentation for qmake is included in the Qt


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