KDevelop 3.4 RC2

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at swipnet.se
Wed Dec 27 13:47:59 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 27 December 2006 13:19, Leon Pollak wrote:
> Does the last phrase means that kmdi will still be accessible?

No. In 3.4, KMDI is finally gone.

> The set of plugins (core and not core) is somehow divided - some are shown
> at the bottom, some at the left side, etc... What is the criteria and how
> (if any) it can be changed?

In 3.4 final (don't remember if we fixed this before RC2 was tagged) you can 
rightclick the tabbutton and tell it to move to either of the other two 
sides. KDevelop will remember where you want the toolview and place it on 
that side in the future.

> > > 2. How I can close unnecessary tabs (for example, application tab)?
> >
> > Some disappear when you disable the according plugin, but the
> > application tab is from a core plugin and can't be disabled. The same
> > for the messages tab. But why is that a problem?
> Because when there are many tabs, they occupy the place and necessary tabs
> are pushed out into the second row (or invisible because of bug?). In my
> case, the application tab is not used at all, in IDEAl I simply drugged it
> to the less populated and less used place and it did not disturb me.

I largely agree with you.. there are a number of tabs that often don't do 
much. A few points though:

# One thing you can do to reduce the space taken by the toolview buttons is to 
have them only show their icon, and not their text (or just the text). This 
is in the UI settings.

# The 'Application' tab is used for any stdout output from an executed 
application. It's optionally used by the 'Tools' plugin when a user wants to 
see the output of some external tool. It is also used by KDevelop when 
running some external tools. (Just to point out it's not useless ;) ) 

// jens

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