KDevelop 3.4 RC2

Alexander Dymo dymo at mk.ukrtelecom.ua
Wed Dec 27 15:26:12 GMT 2006

> 1. How the tabs spread over the screen sides is defined (I mean why, for
> example, diff is at the bottom)?
Plugin decides on that but as Jens and Andreas said, you can move them around.

> 2. How I can close unnecessary tabs (for example, application tab)?
Just disable some plugins in plugin configuration dialog (it's impossible to
disable outputviews plugin because it's required for kdevelop operation).

> 3. How/where is defined that, for example, bottom tab is spread over all
> bottom part of the screen, while left and right are overlapped by bottom?
> If I want, for example, "automake manager" to occupy all the column till
> the last pixel and not be overlapped by, for example, application - how
> this may be done?
I wish I could fix that but that's not possible with Qt3 dockwidgets.

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