An IDE called 'QDevelop'

Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler at
Mon Dec 11 08:20:09 GMT 2006

Hi Ralph,

what really puzzles me, is that this little thing really stirs up
KDevelop. Do you fear that QDevelop could displace KDevelop? Are you
fighting for market shares? Do you claim the invention of the IDE
itself? So what is the point?

>From the point of view of one of your longterm users:

* I choose KDevelop because it is similar (and in the beginning a copy)
to Microsoft's Developer Studio.

* The Kompany has even been so blunt with their KDE Studio, to somehow
'copy' that name from Microsoft.

* And I do not have the feeling that I am to stupid to distinguish
between 2 IDEs, what ever they are named. What really wonders me that
you guys think your users are.

Ralf, you sound a little bit like magenta [1], don't you think? It is
hard enough to publish open source software, always in fear to get
hassled by the attorneys of companies. It is sinister to get this
pressure from other open source projects.

What's so hard to just accept QDevelop as it is?


[1] For all not familiar with German trademark craziness: 'Deutsche
Telekom' claims the color magenta to be it's own. So be careful using it.

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