Code completion

kitts kitts.mailinglists at
Fri Dec 8 15:46:27 GMT 2006

On Friday 08 December 2006 03:06 IST, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Add the files to the project. This can be done via the FileTree view on
> the left side.

Ah! I always liked FileTree, but would disable it first thing as it would 
freeze KDevelop while it did an svn update. Can take a long time with large 
projects and a slow connections.

> Code-Completion should work for all files that are mentioned in the
> <project>.kdevelop.filelist file in the top-level project dir.

Tell me. When i import a large custom makefile project, like lets say the 
linux kernel itself, The system memory gets rapidly consumed. First the RAM 
then swap, before the system freezes completely. This happen even if i 
choose to not 'populate' the project with source files. Does code 
completion have anything to do in here? Or is it just that KDevelop is not 
capable of handling such large projects?

My system has 1GB of RAM and 2GB swap space.

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