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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Dec 7 21:36:09 GMT 2006

On 07.12.06 20:36:37, Massimiliano Torromeo wrote:
> Jens Dagerbo <jens.dagerbo <at>> writes:
> > Code Completion has changed ALOT in 3.4 development. Now's your chance to 
> find 
> > bugs in it before the release! :)
> > 
> > // jens
> > 
> I'm using version 3.3.93. How do I make code completion work with custom 
> makefile projects?
> It just says "File blah/blah.cpp does not exist in the code-model"

Add the files to the project. This can be done via the FileTree view on
the left side. 

Code-Completion should work for all files that are mentioned in the
<project>.kdevelop.filelist file in the top-level project dir.


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