Project API Documentation not shown in Documentation-Tab

Tassilo Horn heimdall at
Fri Sep 2 13:50:18 BST 2005

Hi all!

As I mentioned in the subject the classes of my project aren't shown in 
the TreeView of the Documentation-Tab. When all standard settings were 
applied in the project's Doxygen settings it worked, but I wanted 
another structure. What I wanted: 

	- only HTML docs, so I disabled LaTeX and XML
	- all docs in Folder <project>/doc, in which is dir 'html' for 
	  the HTML documentation, so I've set Output Path to 'doc', and
	  HTML output directory to 'html'. (in Project Options->Doxygen)

This seems to work. After "Build API Documentation' I have:
$ cd <project>; ls doc/html/
annotated.html                     dirs.html
classes.html                       doxygen.css
classQGuproException.html          doxygen.png
classQGuproException-members.html  files.html
dir_000000.html                    functions_func.html
dir_000001.html                    functions.html
dir_000002.html                    index.html
dir_000003.html                    qguproexception_8h-source.html
dir_000004.html                    workspace_8h-source.html

As you see I currently have only one class QGuproException ATM. But it's 
not shown in the TreeView. There's only

	[-] Project API Documentation
	`-> [+/-] doc

The doc item has a [+/-] box, bit clicking it has no effect, except it 
switches from '+' to '-', of course ;-). If I doubleclick doc the 
index.html file is opended and I can navigate to my class 
documentation, but that's a littlebit uncomfortable.

Does anyone have a clue why the class is not shown in the TreeView after 
changing the path?

Thanks in advance,

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