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David Ohlemacher ohlemacher at bbn.com
Fri Jul 29 21:56:31 BST 2005

Adolph & Sharon Weidanz wrote:

>Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
>>On Friday 29 July 2005 06:03, Adolph Weidanz wrote:
>>>Hey all...
>>>As the subject says: Are there any docs on how to use doxygen from
>>>within kdevelop?
>>I'm the doxygen plugin maintainer.
>>It's so easy to use that there are no docs about it.
>>What exactly do you want to know ?
>I guess I'll start out with two simple things I haven't figured out.
>1. When creating a new project one of the files that Kdevlop makes is
>the TODO file. In the past I've always populated this manually. Is there
>a way to write the @TODOs to it automagically?
// File.h
    Blah Blah...
    @param pList The list of Blah Blah.
    @todo Implement me.
void GetAllBlah(list<MyType_t> *pList);

>2. I have @param(s) and @return(s) listed in the code, but all I get is
>a blank page when I preview using the tools menu. I see how you can
>preview, I'm not sure where you actually create the documents are?
>Thanks.. Hopefully these are not to simple..
I am not sure why this is a problem. Maybe your system is somehow 
broken? doxygen is in your path right?

When I try preview, I get a new tab, with the rest of my source files, 
named "index.html" which is the front page of a doxygen project.  The 
links (e.g.  "File Members") works just like Doxygen normally would, 
except only the comments from the current file are there. It correctly 
uses my custom header/footer defined in my project's Doxyfile.

Example for file.h (somewhat sanitized with Xs):

UNCLASSIFIED - BBN Company Private
Main Page | Namespace List | Alphabetical List | Class List | 
Directories | File List | Class Members | File Members | Related Pages
All | Enumerations | Enumeration values

 Here is a list of all file members with links to the files they belong to:

ALL_XXX : file.h
XXX_XXX_ONLY : file.h
MyType_t : file.h

BBN Technologies - Copyright (C) 2005 BBN Technologies - Company Private

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