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Fri Jul 29 20:20:34 BST 2005

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> On Friday 29 July 2005 06:03, Adolph Weidanz wrote:
>>Hey all...
>>As the subject says: Are there any docs on how to use doxygen from
>>within kdevelop?
> I'm the doxygen plugin maintainer.
> It's so easy to use that there are no docs about it.
> What exactly do you want to know ?
I guess I'll start out with two simple things I haven't figured out.

1. When creating a new project one of the files that Kdevlop makes is
the TODO file. In the past I've always populated this manually. Is there
a way to write the @TODOs to it automagically?

2. I have @param(s) and @return(s) listed in the code, but all I get is
a blank page when I preview using the tools menu. I see how you can
preview, I'm not sure where you actually create the documents are?

Thanks.. Hopefully these are not to simple..

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