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David Ohlemacher wrote:
> Adolph & Sharon Weidanz wrote:
>>Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:

>>1. When creating a new project one of the files that Kdevlop makes is
>>the TODO file. In the past I've always populated this manually. Is there
>>a way to write the @TODOs to it automagically?
> // File.h
> ...
> /**
>     Blah Blah...
>     @param pList The list of Blah Blah.
>     @todo Implement me.
> */
> void GetAllBlah(list<MyType_t> *pList);
> When I try preview, I get a new tab, with the rest of my source files, 
> named "index.html" which is the front page of a doxygen project.  The 
> links (e.g.  "File Members") works just like Doxygen normally would, 
> except only the comments from the current file are there. It correctly 
> uses my custom header/footer defined in my project's Doxyfile.
Thanks.. That helped me figure out #2, For some reason when my active
window was the active one nothing was happening. Then I did a preview of
another class and it showed up. Then I went back to main and did a
preview and I got the links at the top of the page.

I still do not get a TODO list. I checked the project options and it is
selected and I have many TODOs ;^) listed throughout my code using the:
/**@TODO Got to add something
They don't get added to the text file in the project directory. Is there
a command that needs to be issued that writes them to the file?

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