Kdevelop watch variable length limitation (display) for C++

Joachim Fabini Joachim.Fabini at tuwien.ac.at
Wed Jul 27 12:33:51 UTC 2005


> Can someone please give me a hint on how to increase the
> maximum length of variables (e.g. arrays, strings, etc.)
> as displayed in the Kdevelop watch/variable window for 
> C/C++ code?
> The length seems to be limited to 200 characters and 
> I did not find any option to increase the number of 
> displayed characters.
> Even when switching to hex display for a specific variable,
> Kdevelop still shows only 200 characters.

The reason for this strange behavior is a gdb setting
(display at most 200 elements) which can be changed in 
native gdb using "set print elements 0". 
Unfortunately KDevelop ignores any .gdbinit files that 
gdb normally loads at startup because of the -nx switch 
that KDevelop passes to gdb. Even more severe: as far as 
I understand from reading various posts, this switch is
hardcoded into the Kdevelop .cpp sources. 

Recompiling gdb or Kdevelop is imho not the way to go - the
setting should be available/changeable from the Kdevelop 
settings dialog (DDD does this).

Or is there a way how to to change gdb default settings
from within Kdevelop?  Hard-coding a limit on visible
array/string elements is - again imho - an inacceptable 
debugger limitation.

If some users agree with this opinion I'll file a bug report
(more specifically - two of them, and ask also for adding a 
hex/dec/bin display button to the Kdevelop memory viewer). 

Thanks in advance,
Best regards

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