Kdevelop watch variable length limitation (display) for C++

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at gmx.de
Wed Jul 27 13:25:16 UTC 2005

Hi Joachim,

I think that there are also many other things that should be modified in 
the debugger section.
IMHO there should be a list where I can set these options for gdb or at 
least a edit field, that I can set to my own gdb command file (as on 
comand line "gdb -x ..."). I remember that in last year we already had a 
similar discussion. The only workaround which is currently possible to 
send gdb further commands is described in 
http://lists.kde.org/?l=kdevelop&m=109968530503372&w=2 and is little bit 
nasty :-(
In that way it should be also possible to modify the max. length of 
variables or not?
Nevertheless, there should be a solution for this issue in the near 
future, but I would prefer a complete refactoring of this part and not 
one more hardcoded checkbox ;-)



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