kdevelop vs. kstudio

linqs at gmx.de linqs at gmx.de
Sat Aug 27 20:19:10 BST 2005

> By the way, I tried the first tutorial of kdevelop ( the one for
> begginner) and I feel kdevelop is slow  while doing the build. Do you
> think so?

well the fact that it is slow is certainly more a compiler issue than a 
kdevelop issue (note kdevelop is just an ide). but once you use qt's moc 
(i.e. your using qt designer or slots/signals and so on) things are more 
likely to be slower than without it (but you have a nice gui then :)

>  Is kdevelop good regarding debug features?

the debug features in kdevelop are quite convincing to me. i mean you've got 
gdb integrated and it works quite fine. i use it everyday and i am quite 
happy with it. what you probably should do is make up your mind about 
convincing keyboard shortcuts for all the debug features supported in order 
to step through your code without getting a tendosynovitis from heavily using 
the mouse :)



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