automatic documentation

quirin linqs at
Mon May 31 12:40:11 BST 2004

hi folks, 
	i was wondering if there is a kate pluing (or something like that) which is 
doing some autodocumentation in doxygen style.
for instance i start writing something like:

	int SuperClass::iAmJustAMemmber(int foo, float bar);

and then that autodocumentation thing would complete the text file with stuff 

	  \param foo 
	  \param bar 
	int SuperClass::iAmJustAMemmber(int foo, float bar);

does that already exist? (like doxymacs for superior emacs) if not i would 
start coding it since i am tired of doing this "by hand". any1 who wants to 
help me? (i know documenting the code is what coders really hate and even 
writing a plugin for kate is possibly considered as a waste of time but it 
really pays off ;-) ). but before coding i would rather appreciate knowing if 
somebody already did that for kate


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