loadable module

Rüdiger Koch rkoch at rkoch.org
Thu Feb 19 12:17:18 UTC 2004

I am planning to move a library using OpenGL/Glut to OpenGL/QT so I can
add a good UI. This library is a dlopen() loadable module that allows
visualization of neural networks. In a usual setting I have a binary
linked to the shared library libamygdala.so which may dlopen()
gldebugger.so if visualization is required. The rationale behind that
is that the neural network applications must be able to run unchanged
without any dependancy of a GUI lib.

How can I set up a KDevelop project to support this kind of project?


PS: Here is the Makefile.am of the source directory as it stands now:

lib_LTLIBRARIES = gldebugger.la

gldebugger_la_SOURCES = gldebugger.cpp ppmwriter.cpp
gldebugger_la_LIBADD   = -lamygdala -lglut -lGLU -lGL -lXmu -lm -lX11

EXTRA_DIST = gldebugger.cpp gldebugger.h \
             ppmwriter.cpp ppmwriter.h

INCLUDES= $(all_includes)
# the library search path.
gldebugger_la_LDFLAGS = $(all_libraries) -module 

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