Debugging kde3 applications

Werner Modenbach modenbach at
Thu Feb 19 16:20:26 UTC 2004

We developed a large projekt now using kdevelop 2.1.5.
We are running kde 3.1.4 and qt3 3.2.3 on SuSE 8.2

We are facing the following problems:

1) It is impossible to debug an application derived from KUniqueApplication 
using the internal debugger - everything hangs when starting the application.
Deriving it from KApplication works fine.

2) It is impossible to debug an application using KIO with the internal 
debugger - the application hangs when usion an kio-module, i.e. KFileOpen. 
Using "halt" from the debug menu entry shows a callstack ending in kio.

Did anybody have the same poblems and found a solution?
Thanks for any hints.

- Werner -

Btw.: I'm still now brave enough to use kdevelop3 in our production 
environment. What are your experiences?

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