errror when compiling Gideon

cantabile cantabile.03 at
Sun Sep 28 17:41:11 BST 2003

I found the error signaled by the compiler output in
/kdevelop/doc/kdevelop/index.docbook. XML validate launches the same
message : "element acronym is not declared [...]"

There's also 2 errors reported by XML validate in
kdevelop/parts/appwizard/common/index.docbook line 12 "entity language"
and line 3 "entity value & forbidden"

There's also several errors reported about "chapter" and "listiem" in

I have not the slightest idea if these messages come from my machine
configuration or these documents themselves.

My meinproc version is the same : of 2002/12/05.

I'll try updating from cvs later.


> this refers to the user manual documentation in the index.docbook file. 
> meinproc translates this into a series of html files.
> I checked it again. No error messages here.
> There are several possible sources of error. Most probably the DocBook DTD 
> definition file on your system is outdated. You may check this in Kate (with 
> the Kate XML Validation plugin activated): Load index.docbook and select 
> Tools->Validate XML.
> If errors remain, could you please update the index.docbook file to the latest 
> version from CVS and try again.
> If it still refuses to run, check the meinproc version. Mine is of 
> 2002/12/05. Very old versions may not interpret some XML commands correctly.
> There are a number of possible sites you may check for more info:

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