No qeditor in "Embedded Editor" selection

Bernd Pol bernd.pol at
Sun Sep 21 22:39:40 BST 2003

Hi all,

since I use Gideon, there was no queditor selection provided on the 
"Embedded Editor" customization page, just only the kate part. I did 
not bother until recently I wanted to use qeditor on a project.

This problem shows up with all three users that had been set up until 
that time: no qeditor provided. Today I tried as a last resort with a 
completely fresh user and, lo - both kate and qeditor are selectable 

This is weird, even mysterious as I can't find any local setting in the 
older users home directories which would change this behaviour.

Perhaps somebody out there can tell, where Gideon does look up the 
editors to select from in the Editor customization dialog. If so, 
please let me know.


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