KDevelop can't open the source files whith compiler errors

Cedric.Pillonel at swisscom.com Cedric.Pillonel at swisscom.com
Mon Sep 1 13:15:07 BST 2003


I have KDevelop 2.1.3 and Linux RedHat 8.0.

When I build my project I get some compiler errors. When I click on the error in the messages tab, KDevelop tries to open the file with the wrong path and then says the file doesn't exist. For the 'main.cpp' file, it tries to open the file '/home/cedric/upseserver/main.cpp' but the file is '/home/cedric/upseserver/upseserver/main.cpp'. Why is the path incorrect ?

My project is 'upseserver.kdevprj'. My project is located in my home directory in 'upseserver' (/home/cedric/upseserver/upseserver.kdeprj). The main file and other source files are in '/home/cedric/upseserver/upseserver/'.

C├ędric Pillonel

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