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Phil Dunton webmaster at
Thu May 22 05:05:15 BST 2003

I am a relative new-comer to Linux and absolutely new at Qt/KDE 
I am interested in setting up an automation project using Qt/KDE.

The templates that are supplied with KDevelop seem to all favor the 
Document/View architecture so prevalent over in M$oft land.

This architecture is not applicable to the multi-threaded application I 
am contemplating.  I will be using distinct Widgets communicating via 
semaphores and ETC.  The application needs to be true multi-tasking.  
This application has already been running on a Win32 platform but I 
have learned to NOT use Win32 based products for "mission critical" 
applications and am thus investigating Linux as an alternative.

I am looking for some input on how this project can be set up in 
KDevelop and as I am working through the documentation, am looking for 
some guidance.  If someone can point me at appropriate tutorials or the 
right documentation it would be most sincerely appreciated.

Phil d.

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