what do those functions do? (kdevelop 20030121)

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Wed Jan 22 18:49:17 UTC 2003


On Wednesday 22 January 2003 16:37, you wrote:
>  I'm new to kdevelop and I'm interested in developing with this ide. I
> currently use delphi and kylix.
>  Could somebody please explain what the following functions of kdevelop do?
> preferably by examples?
>  In gideon options:
>   C++ Parsing:
>    why would I need enable background parsing and what does the slider
> below it set?

It will be parsing your code in the background and enable all the fancy C++ 
support features (Code-Hinting, Code-Completion etc). Good question what the 
slider does, it sets some kind of delay... Its documentation should be on the 
TODO somewhere ;)

>   also in Documentation tree -> General
>    what is: Enable KDoc kdelibs documentation?

By default, the KDE API documentation is generated by doxygen. If you use the 
older KDoc, you can enable it there.

>  In project options:
>   c++ specific -> class store
>     what is: enable persistent class store?
>     what is: enable pre-parsing?

Parsing C++ is really slow, so you can pre-parse code (for example the Qt 
library or the kde-libs). The Code will only be parsed once and all symbols 
will be saved in a special binary file which will be loaded when you open 
your project.

>   c++ specific -> code completion
>     what is: enable code hinting (how does it work?)?
>       it says it supposed to show somewhere on the screen but I never saw
> it.

CTRL-Space and CTRL-J should pop-up the completion.

Best regards,

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