what do those functions do? (kdevelop 20030121)

Marek spec at webtech.pl
Wed Jan 22 21:23:42 UTC 2003

> Hi,



> >  In gideon options:
> >   C++ Parsing:
> >    why would I need enable background parsing and what does the slider
> > below it set?
> It will be parsing your code in the background and enable all the fancy C++ 
> support features (Code-Hinting, Code-Completion etc). Good question what the 
> slider does, it sets some kind of delay... Its documentation should be on the 
> TODO somewhere ;)

ok - I got it: the C++ Parser parses for C++ errors in the code that show in
Problems window. It parses only for simple C++ errors like unclosed quotes,
brackets, missing semicolons. It runs in cppsupport/backgroundparser.

The slider sets the delay between parses (which one can see by watching
Problems window). The maximum is 2000 ms (configproblemreporter.ui), default
is 1000 ms(configproblemreporter.ui.h). Minimum isn't set anywhere (is it 250

Maybe the better name for it all would be (C++) Problem reporter (or C++
Parsing problem reporter) - C++ Parser isn't self explanatory

> >   also in Documentation tree -> General
> >    what is: Enable KDoc kdelibs documentation?
> By default, the KDE API documentation is generated by doxygen. If you use the 
> older KDoc, you can enable it there.

so maybe it should be Enable KDoc ( Disable doxygen ) kdelibs documentation?

> >  In project options:
> >   c++ specific -> class store
> >     what is: enable persistent class store?
> >     what is: enable pre-parsing?
> Parsing C++ is really slow, so you can pre-parse code (for example the Qt 
> library or the kde-libs). The Code will only be parsed once and all symbols 
> will be saved in a special binary file which will be loaded when you open 
> your project.

I'm missing a "reset" or "create" or "update" button - currently it's
recreated when ok button is clicked, meaning it requires closing dialog. The
button would be useful if something changed in indexed directories and it
would be similar to "Documentation Tree -> Full text index" page.

preparsing is associated with code completion right?

> >   c++ specific -> code completion
> >     what is: enable code hinting (how does it work?)?
> >       it says it supposed to show somewhere on the screen but I never saw
> > it.
> CTRL-Space and CTRL-J should pop-up the completion.

this is clear now after above was explained.

maybe tooltips would answer some of those questions - are you planning to
create them for some controls?

> Best regards,
> Harry

Best regards,
Marek Januszewski

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