Extremely frustratnig problems with Qt/Qt Designer/Kdevelop...

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Mon Mar 25 06:31:29 GMT 2002

To all, I apologize in advance for my possible outbursts of
anger/sarcasm, I am at this point extremely frustrated and just about
ready to scrap the whole qt project stuff. I mean, it is wonderful that
it is open source, but this is so buggy and incomplete that at this
point I am wasting 100% of my valuable time trying to figure out why my
building tools are not doing what they are supposed to do, rather than
working on my app. This brings a whole new meaning to the term "RAD"...

I am using Linux MDK 8.1 and QT 2.3.x (can't remember the minor number,
and most likely in this case it doesn't matter anyhow).

I have originally designed an app in Qt Designer (simple two tabs layout
with buttons and other stuff, nothing fancy). I made it all fit into the
layout, so that the resizing worked just fine in Qt Designer. I also
wanted to make a toolbar (with file, edit and all those pull-down menus)
on the top, but every time I tried using Kde toolbar, the Qt Designer
crashed... go figure.

Needless to say that Qt Designer's docs speak of marvelous things such
as App wizard, and app widget template that has toolbar on the top. On
my computer the only thing that came up as a choice of widgets was
Dialog, Widget and bunch of filenames from my home dir which had nothing
to do with QT designer, nor were openable (i.e. sound files, images

So, I figured that I will build only the guts of the app in Qt Designer,
and the toolbar and all that I would get from Kdevelop.

Once finished with this first chapter of my hopeless saga, I tried
including .ui file into the Kdevelop, and guess what, once I included
it, it trashed IRREVERSIBLY the project always failing to compile
reporting "lib..a missing" which to me sounds like a bug, but was unable
to find anything more on it on the web apart from two dead links from
some outdated post.

Once this failed, I resorted to building an app from Kdevelop's app
wizard that would enable me get the stupid toolbar, but the only app
template available was one that in compiled form provides status bar,
the main toolbar, and the shortcut toolbar (one that can be toggled).
Still, in the middle it provides a text-editing widget and treats the
whole widget as a text editor (why??????), which is not what the wizard
tells me it is supposed to have.

So, I figured out how to bypass all this text-editing junk and get that
middle of the canvas freed, but somehow now that I put my QT Designer
class in there (which I had to manually convert to .cpp and .h files due
to above-mentioned bug) it always positions itself BEHIND the main
toolbar, so that the top snippet is always covered by KDE's toolbar
(with file, help and all those pull-down menus). Ironically if I enable
the second toolbar (one that can be toggled with larger icons and
options like open, save, print, cut, paste etc.), that one appears
BEHNIND my widget... No comment...

Finally, even though the app now compiles, the problem is even though I
got rid of the <appname>doc.h <appname>doc.cpp, <appname>view.h, and
<appname>view.cpp files which were created by the wizard ("KDE normal"
app template), as well as removed any references to them, when I do
complete distclean and automake/configure/make from scratch, the newly
made Makefile in the app src dir still looks for these... Again, no

It is by now obvious that I am going nuts over this endless array of
problems... So, I would appreciate any help I can get regarding these:

1) What in the world am I supposed to do to get rid of these references
to *doc.h/.cpp/.moc and *view.h/.cpp/.moc which make me every time
manually change the makefile in order to be able to compile my app,
despite the fact they are completely deleted and all references from
other files have been removed?

2) How can I re-align my widget so that it appears propely below the
toolbar, not under it (here I am talking about the toolbar that has
file, edit and all that junk and is KDevelop/KDE-made)?

3) What is up with this .ui bug that messes up the import of .ui files
into the project?

4) Where are all the QT Designer advertised wizards that are supposed to
be available for one to choose as the starting building block for the

5) How do I make my included Class resize appropriately with the change
of the KDE window size?

Any help would be utmostly appreciated! Sincerely,


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