Extremely frustratnig problems with Qt/Qt Designer/Kdevelop...

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Mon Mar 25 14:57:08 GMT 2002


> 1) What in the world am I supposed to do to get rid of these references
> to *doc.h/.cpp/.moc and *view.h/.cpp/.moc which make me every time
> manually change the makefile in order to be able to compile my app,
> despite the fact they are completely deleted and all references from
> other files have been removed?

The standard KDE App-Template features a document-view architecture which most 
modern apps use. If you don't know what it is or don't like it, please use 
the KDE Mini Template.

> 2) How can I re-align my widget so that it appears propely below the
> toolbar, not under it (here I am talking about the toolbar that has
> file, edit and all that junk and is KDevelop/KDE-made)?

Please read the documentation and do the tutorials first. Try starting with a 
KDE mini Application and develop it step by step, then you'll see how 
layout-managers and widgets work.

> 3) What is up with this .ui bug that messes up the import of .ui files
> into the project?

Don't know, cannot reproduce it. Upgrade to a recent KDevelop version and if 
it still crashes please post a backtrace and a full bug report.

> 4) Where are all the QT Designer advertised wizards that are supposed to
> be available for one to choose as the starting building block for the
> app?

In version 3.x and since you are using Qt 2.3.x -> no wizards for you.

> 5) How do I make my included Class resize appropriately with the change
> of the KDE window size?

Look at point 2. Try experimenting a bit with layout-managers and widgets. 
Basically, you have to embed every widget in a layout-manager if you want it 
to be resizable.

There are also tons of examples included in Qt/KDE, just take a look how they 
do it.

Happy hacking,

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