Kdevelop and Mozilla: SLOW GUI

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 24 23:32:50 GMT 2002

tat0o wrote:

>>please read
>>it might be the Clipboard bug. Does downgrading to Qt 2.3.1 or upgrading to 
>>KDE3 help?
>>Best regards,
>this doesn't seem the case. shutting down klipper doesn't help at all, 
>everything remains slow, the only solution i've found is closing mozilla.  
>btw i haven't tested yet with kde3 but i'm currently running libqt 2.3.1...
It could be the bug in the redraw method of KWriteView. It is fixed for 
version 2.1.
Old KDevelop versions redraw the whole view on FocusIn and FocusOut 
that'll happen when walking through the main menu. (Actually an old Qt bug.)

F at lk

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