Kdevelop and Mozilla: SLOW GUI

tat0o tat at dual
Sun Mar 24 14:22:37 GMT 2002

>please read
>it might be the Clipboard bug. Does downgrading to Qt 2.3.1 or upgrading to 
>KDE3 help?
>Best regards,

this doesn't seem the case. shutting down klipper doesn't help at all, 
everything remains slow, the only solution i've found is closing mozilla.  
btw i haven't tested yet with kde3 but i'm currently running libqt 2.3.1...

currently the *only* kde application i've found with this problem is 
kdevelop, all other kde application work as they should or at least have 
different bugs :)

can somebody think about some resource that mozilla and kdevelop could been 
sharing? mozilla is basically a gtk application, it doesn't use qt at all and 
X as far as i know  as no concept of "menu" so I can't think about anything 
they could have in common about  menubar & popups...

or maybe both are using an external library that serialize accesses to some 
recource or something similar. i donl't know. hope someone here has better 
knowledge of the whole system then i have :)


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