Kdevelop i18n bug - incorrect links to files with errors

Michal Kostrzewa M.Kostrzewa at pentacomp.com.pl
Thu Mar 21 23:52:13 GMT 2002


Steps to reproduce error:
1 - Install polish (localized) version of gmake
2 - Set locale to pl (LANG=pl and LC*=pl) (pl for polish), 
3 - Make template project (kde2standard for example)
4 - Make error in any of *.c file
5 - Run compilation by running gmake (F8 for example)
6 - You'll see error log. Click on error message - you should be moved to 
file containging error. But nothing such happens - KDevelop says 'cant find 
file dir/proj/file.c'

Additional comments:
1 - it searches file dir/proj/file.c instead of dir/proj/proj/file.c
2 - when I set locale to en everything is ok
3 - I think it's all because Kdevelop traces log produced by gmake, searching 
for string 'Entering directory xxx/xxx/xxx' and parses the name of directory 
from that log. When running polish gmake, the gmake's output is 'Wchodze do 
katalogu xxx/xxx/xxx', so KDevelop is confused.
4 - I think it's common problem - I found several similar bugs on your 
bug-list but description was unrelated to locale problem. It should happen 
for other languages too.

Temporary workaround:
Create file /usr/bin/maken containing:
export LANG=en
export LC_ALL=en
make $*
and set make program in kdevelop to maken. It works for me.

best regards,
Michal Kostrzewa

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