Kdevelop(2.1beta) and locale problem - kdevelop crashes when creating a simple project (!)

Michal Kostrzewa M.Kostrzewa at pentacomp.com.pl
Fri Mar 22 00:02:05 GMT 2002


Steps to reproduce error:
1 - Set kde locale to pl, LANG=pl, LC_*=pl
2 - Create project from template (kde2standard)
3 - KDevelop crashes when you press exit button of wizard, or you try load 
this project after resurecting KDevelop again.

Additional comments:
1 - The project file generated by KDevelop contains lines with unicode 
characters. These character are especialy deadly for KDevelop when exists in 
the key of the line (key=value). In polish translation some of keys have 
characters from 8859-2, encoded in the project file in unicode, so section 
[LFV Groups] looks like:

[LFV Groups]
Interfejs uĹźytkownika=*.kdevdlg,*.ui,*.rc
groups=Nagłówki,Źródła,Interfejs użytkownika,Tłumaczenia,GNU,Inne

(I don't know if you can see this characters in that mail)

Temporary workaround:
Modify section [LFV Groups] in project file after KDevelop crash. Eliminate 
national characters from key entries. It works for me.

best regards
Michal Kostrzewa
P.S. My previous registered bug is about KDevelop 2.1 beta too, forgot to 
mention version :)

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