Building .ui files in tar.gz dist

W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Mar 14 12:38:30 GMT 2002

Tarjei Knapstad wrote:

>On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, W. Tasin wrote:
>In other words: When I run 'make dist' headers and implementations should 
>be generated by uic and moc and included into the distribution and 
>makefiles instead of (or in addition to) the .ui files?
In addition, because the .ui file represents the dependency, if uic or 
moc has to be invoked (IMHO it will not unless the ui-file will be 
modified - and a distribution build wouldn't modify those files, would 

>>I only know about some problems with kdevelop 2.0.2 which invoked 
>>configure with the fullqualified pathname, so ui dependence will not be 
>>Maybe this it is still the error, so try to make a tarball from the 
>>console to check if the problem is a kdevelop related prob or an 
>>If it is an autotool-prob. so maybe it helps to update the admin dir.
>Sure, I'll do some further investigations.
Ok... waiting...

>Any file you like. To reproduce:
>1. Add any file to your project.
>2. Right click on it, then select 'Properties...'
>3. Uncheck the "include in distribution" checkbox.
>4. Make a distro - the file still gets included... 
I see...
that's a problem of am_edit, because it seems that almost every file 
(.txt, .cpp, .h, ...) inside the directory will be added to the 
KDE_DIST-variable, if it isn't already in EXTRA_DIST.

KDE_DIST= and its entries are handled/created by am_edit.

KDevelop handles only EXTRA_DIST, _SOURCES and _HEADERS

That's food for coolo, maybe he can tell you if it is a bug or if there 
is a reason to do so.




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