Building .ui files in tar.gz dist

Tarjei Knapstad tarjeik at
Thu Mar 14 10:07:34 GMT 2002

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, W. Tasin wrote:

> Tarjei Knapstad wrote:
> >For some reason .ui files don't seem to get handled when I run configure
> >from a tar.gz dist that I made from Project->Make distribution->Source-tgz
> >and then try to build. (i.e. uic, moc etc. are not run and I get 
> >compilation errors because of missing headers)
> >
> IMHO first part of your "i.e." is ok.
> uic and moc will not be invoked, but the header files (and of course the 
> corrisponding implementation) should be included to the tarball, with an 
> younger date.
In other words: When I run 'make dist' headers and implementations should 
be generated by uic and moc and included into the distribution and 
makefiles instead of (or in addition to) the .ui files?

> I only know about some problems with kdevelop 2.0.2 which invoked 
> configure with the fullqualified pathname, so ui dependence will not be 
> recognized.
> Maybe this it is still the error, so try to make a tarball from the 
> console to check if the problem is a kdevelop related prob or an 
> autotool-problem.
> If it is an autotool-prob. so maybe it helps to update the admin dir.
Sure, I'll do some further investigations.

> >
> >Does anyone have any clue on this? (Something I might have forgotten?)
> >(I've ran distclean autoconf, etc. etc., but to no avail)
> >
> >A small bugreport while I'm at it: Files that are included in the project
> >allways get included in the distribution, allthough "include in 
> >distribution" is not checked in the file's properties. (might have been 
> >fixed in gideon, I haven't checked)
> >
> Which files?
> Some files are automatically include by the admin/am_edit call (which 
> patches the Makefiles) and of course by the autotools (e.g. IIRC on gnu 
> projects files like NEWS, AUTHORS etc.).
> So I don't think that gideon has solved this "problem"(?).
Any file you like. To reproduce:
1. Add any file to your project.
2. Right click on it, then select 'Properties...'
3. Uncheck the "include in distribution" checkbox.
4. Make a distro - the file still gets included... 


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