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Tarjei Knapstad tarjeik at
Thu Mar 14 14:56:41 GMT 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, W. Tasin wrote:

> Tarjei Knapstad wrote:


> >
> >>I only know about some problems with kdevelop 2.0.2 which invoked 
> >>configure with the fullqualified pathname, so ui dependence will not be 
> >>recognized.
> >>Maybe this it is still the error, so try to make a tarball from the 
> >>console to check if the problem is a kdevelop related prob or an 
> >>autotool-problem.
> >>If it is an autotool-prob. so maybe it helps to update the admin dir.
> >>
> >Sure, I'll do some further investigations.
> >
> Ok... waiting...
Well, I upgraded my admin dir with the files from KDevelop2.1Beta2 and 
that helped a tiny bit. The .cpp files belonging to the .ui files are now 
included in the dist, but not the headers. No .moc.cpp files are included 
either. After a distclean, here's the output from one of the subdirs 
containing Qt stuff (and some other subdirs) when running 'make dist':

/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/uic -o SetRootDirectoryDlg.h 
/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/uic -o StartupScreenDlg.h ./StartupScreenDlg.ui
/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/moc SetRootDirectoryDlg.h -o SetRootDirectoryDlg.moc
rm -f SetRootDirectoryDlg.cpp
/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/uic -i SetRootDirectoryDlg.h 
./SetRootDirectoryDlg.ui > SetRootDirectoryDlg.cpp || rm -f 
echo '#include "SetRootDirectoryDlg.moc"' >> SetRootDirectoryDlg.cpp
/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/moc StartupScreenDlg.h -o StartupScreenDlg.moc
rm -f StartupScreenDlg.cpp
/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/uic -i StartupScreenDlg.h ./StartupScreenDlg.ui > 
StartupScreenDlg.cpp || rm -f StartupScreenDlg.cpp
echo '#include "StartupScreenDlg.moc"' >> StartupScreenDlg.cpp
tags=; \
here=`pwd`; \
list='widgets modeleditor dataeditor icons '; for subdir in $list; do \
if test "$subdir" = .; then :; else \
test -f $subdir/TAGS && tags="$tags -i $here/$subdir/TAGS"; \
fi; \
done; \
list='Messenger.cpp StartupScreen.cpp SetRootDirectory.cpp   QcmtView.cpp 
QcmtMainBase.cpp QcmtMain.cpp QcmtDoc.cpp  SetRootDirectoryDlg.cpp 
StartupScreenDlg.cpp '; \
unique=`for i in $list; do echo $i; done | \
awk '    { files[$0] = 1; } \
END { for (i in files) print i; }'`; \
test -z "$unique$tags" \
|| (cd . && etags  $tags  $unique  -o $here/TAGS)

So, headers, .cpp and moc files get generated, allthough the moc output is 
now postfixed .moc instead of .moc.cpp as they do when I do a regular make 
in my project. Moc is however not run on the other headers I have which 
need moc processing.
/usr/local/lib/qt/bin/moc Messenger.h -o Messenger.moc.cpp 
should have been run in the segment I posted above, and the moc.cpp file 

I'm not sure what other checks I could perform to get to the bottom of 
this. Suggestions are welcome...



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