Building .ui files in tar.gz dist

W. Tasin tasin at
Wed Mar 13 21:10:30 GMT 2002

Tarjei Knapstad wrote:

>For some reason .ui files don't seem to get handled when I run configure
>from a tar.gz dist that I made from Project->Make distribution->Source-tgz
>and then try to build. (i.e. uic, moc etc. are not run and I get 
>compilation errors because of missing headers)
IMHO first part of your "i.e." is ok.
uic and moc will not be invoked, but the header files (and of course the 
corrisponding implementation) should be included to the tarball, with an 
younger date.

I only know about some problems with kdevelop 2.0.2 which invoked 
configure with the fullqualified pathname, so ui dependence will not be 
Maybe this it is still the error, so try to make a tarball from the 
console to check if the problem is a kdevelop related prob or an 
If it is an autotool-prob. so maybe it helps to update the admin dir.

>Does anyone have any clue on this? (Something I might have forgotten?)
>(I've ran distclean autoconf, etc. etc., but to no avail)
>A small bugreport while I'm at it: Files that are included in the project
>allways get included in the distribution, allthough "include in 
>distribution" is not checked in the file's properties. (might have been 
>fixed in gideon, I haven't checked)
Which files?
Some files are automatically include by the admin/am_edit call (which 
patches the Makefiles) and of course by the autotools (e.g. IIRC on gnu 
projects files like NEWS, AUTHORS etc.).
So I don't think that gideon has solved this "problem"(?).

>Tarjei Knapstad


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