problem with KProcess QT signals

john john at
Mon Jun 17 17:23:18 UTC 2002

hi everybody ......

i used the kprocess class to run and keep track of a child process in my application so i used the "recievedstderr" signal to  recieve the output error in a certain buffer and connected it to a certain slot that accumulates this buffer in a string that i will use to create a messagebox .....also i used the "processexited" signal to do some actions when this process exits and i tried it and everything works perfectly but only for the 1st time::::

the child process is created when i click a certain button which i have connected it to certain slot that make this.............

the problem:
when the process exits for the 1st time the slot that is connected to the "processexited" signal is called one time ..... and then when it exits in the second time the slot is called two times and in the third time the slot is called three times and so on till infenity........................that means that the signal processexited accumulates with that of the last process.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know why this senario happens : if anyone can interpret or solve this problem i will be glad ...

any help  is appreciated.

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