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Mike Farrell gcckain at comcast.net
Mon Jun 10 19:49:08 UTC 2002

Hello my name is Mike Farrell and I really do like your IDE.  It as actually 
become my favorite ide for Linux development.  However I got just one 
request.  I usually let my individual .cpp files get rather large (over 1000 
lines a piece when needed).  This makes it quite hard to find functions that 
I need.  I usually end up hitting ctrl+f and typing "void render" or 
something from the top of the document to find a function.

My request is that there be a "jump to function" type feature similiar to 
rhide's.  Where I can hit some key sequence and see a dialog with a list of 
functions in the current file.  Then I could just start typing the name of 
one of those functions to select it or click it with the mouse and go there.  
I'm sure this wouldn't be too hard to add to kdevelop 2.1 (version I use), 
because I've noticed that the program has already built a database of the 
functions in the entire project.  

Well, I thank you for considering my request and wish you luck in your further 
development of KDevelop.

~Mike Farrell

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