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August Hörandl august.hoerandl at gmx.at
Mon Jun 10 22:02:28 UTC 2002

On Monday 10 June 2002 21:49, you wrote:
> Hello my name is Mike Farrell and I really do like your IDE.  It as
> actually become my favorite ide for Linux development.  However I got
> just one request.  I usually let my individual .cpp files get rather
> large (over 1000 lines a piece when needed).  This makes it quite
> hard to find functions that I need.  I usually end up hitting ctrl+f
> and typing "void render" or something from the top of the document to
> find a function.

maybe better:
shift-f12   ctags search

> My request is that there be a "jump to function" type feature
> similiar to rhide's.  Where I can hit some key sequence and see a
> dialog with a list of functions in the current file.  Then I could
> just start typing the name of one of those functions to select it or
> click it with the mouse and go there. I'm sure this wouldn't be too
> hard to add to kdevelop 2.1 (version I use), because I've noticed

but there is a feature freeze ;-)

> that the program has already built a database of the functions in the
> entire project.

try the global/functions in the class view
select (standard) (global) in the toolbar -- the function should
show up in the third combo box


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