Setting other include and library path

Noa Cantin cantin at CERCA.UMontreal.CA
Tue Jul 16 19:38:20 UTC 2002

On 16 Juillet 2002 15:21, you wrote:
> Yes, you need to modify the files that are generated by
> KDevelop by hand. As an example, if you wanted to append
> /home/myproject/include
> to your include path, then put
> INCLUDES= $(all_includes) -I/home/myproject/include
> into your but after the line
> ####### kdevelop will overwrite this part!!! (end)############

I'm quite interested by your answer, because up to now it's the only
workable way I found to make this kind of include directive. This
bothers me, however, for the evident reason that the path /home/myproject/include 
is an absolute path. From that point of view,  I prefer to use the ./configure options:

  --with-extra-includes=DIR	adds non standard include paths
  --with-extra-libs=DIR   	adds non standard library paths

I've been trying several times to include m4 macros to manage
explicitely the different libraries I need, but I'm not quite skillful with 
autoconf and the such. Does any one knows if there is
already a macro that do custom package checking somewhere in the kde macros that
kdevelop use?



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