KDevelop, compiles .. make doesn't

W. Tasin tasin at fhm.edu
Wed Feb 13 16:52:17 GMT 2002


please provide us with more information:
- which KDevelop version
- which automake, autoconf
- and the most important info:
   which error occurs.

Maybe we can shortcut this:
1) to package you should do the following:
make distclean; make -f Makefile.dist; configure [maybe with additional 
options] ; make dist

2) there was a little bug (or better misfeature) inside am_edit which 
didn't include the so called "MAINTAINER_CLEANFILES" (especially the 
file "subdirs"). Look into your tarball, if you find this file included.
If you didn't you shall add this file to EXTRA_DIST= by adding "subdirs" 
to your project (consider this as workaround!! The correct solution 
would be to use more recent KDevelop, which can handle this problem 
(unfortunately only the cvs-version, yet)).

3) If nothing of this helps, resend a mail with the information 
mentioned above.



BTW: KDevelop has an own list, where you can post those questions 
kdevelop at kdevelop.org

Justin R. Gortner wrote:

>Here is my situation. I have a C++ project in Kdevelop (mandrake 8.1). It
>compiles and runs fine in there. But when I go to package it up:
>// package
><prog_dir> make clean && make dist
>// unpack and compile
><prog_name># tar zxf <prog_name>-0.1.tar.gz
><prog_name># cd <prog_name>-0.1
><prog_name>/<prog_name>-0.1# configure
><prog_name>/<prog_name>-0.1# make
>Make fails. It comes up with errors it didn't while it was in KDevelop. I
>can only assume that means I packaged it wrong or something. Please help, I
>am a college student and this program is due tomorrow! Everything is working
>except packing it up. I know Im a newbie and this is a dumb question but
>please help. Thanks so much!!
>Justin R. Gortner
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