ANNOUNCE: KDevelop 2.1 Beta 2 out now!

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Thu Feb 14 08:56:57 GMT 2002


(This is an announcement for all who are not subscribed to the other KDE 

The KDevelop team is proud to present KDevelop 2.1 Beta 2.
This version has been released as part of the KDE 3.0 Beta 2 release!

KDE 3.0 Beta 2 announcement and press release



Binary packages (Red Hat packages are currently missing):
Source (tar.bz2):
Ftp mirrors:

Compiling from CVS sources

Changes from 2.1 Beta 1 to 2.1 Beta 2
- more bugfixes for non-latin languages
- made addcxxflags working
- .ts files can also be opened in editor views now
- made undo work gracefully with autoindentation of '{'
- minimized KDevelop doesn't restore back during compiling any more
- messages output view isn't activated again with every new 
  inserted line
- accel clash with bookmarks and views repaired 
  (Alt+0..9 is for Bookmarks again, Ctrl+0..9 is for views now)
- fixed that configure didn't recognize the argument given by the
  dialogbox the first time (only after reloading the project)
- On project creation neither the configure argument --prefix
  nor --enable-kde=no (for qextmdi projects) were not passed,
  unless --with-qt-dir was set.
- KDevelop setup default values for editor changed
- tool-view tabs default appearance changed
- .kdevses writing repaired concerning to the MDI views
- kdDebug() output of classparser fixed, no grumbling about 
  missing 'endl' anymore
- broken slot connections fixed (slotTipOfDay, slotCompileCombo,
- admin-tarball now in sync with the actual version of KDE
  Now it's possible to use this framework for either QT/KDE 3
  or QT/KDE 2.
- corrected some compile/make flags stuff
- introduced the NOOPT_CFLAGS for all projects
- Fixed that when we opened a popup menu FocusIn and FocusOut was
  called for KWriteView which makes it very slow because of the
  triggered repaint.
- disappearing editor cursor fixed (lose focus only when tool-views
  have the focus)
KDE3-only changes:
- mode switch TabPage-->Childframe and TabPage-->Toplevel fixed
- crash when closing a file in Tabpage mode fixed
- kdevelop compiled for KDE 3beta2 creates kde/qt projects for
  QT 3 and KDE 3beta2/Beta2
- text output of messages output-view repaired
- attempt to avoid infinite recursion in KToolBar

1) Used cvs branch for this release is KDE_2_2_BRANCH
2) Gideon is the codename of KDevelop-3.0 which is already under
   construction on KDevelop's CVS HEAD branch and which will be
   released some time later.
   If you like to join the KDevelop developers, don't hesitate to
   contact us at kdevelop-devel at! We need you bugfixes
   and patches for the 2.1 release as well as your contributions for

Current CVS version
These issues are already fixed/done after the Beta 2 release tag.
- text expansion (basic codecompletion) with Ctrl+J
- coloured compiler output on KDE 3
- selection of man pages if there are more than one.
- There are problems with the accels; use KDE 3 beta 1 with this
  version of KDevelop to avoid the problems

Have fun,
F at lk Brettschneider (on behalf of the whole KDevelop team)

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