Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler at
Mon Dec 23 16:49:32 GMT 2002

Just reading this with one eye - the other one has to work...

Currently I work on embedding the Python interpreter into a QT compliant 
class. It uses the C API of Python - not the bdb interface. Thus it does not 
spawn a Python process and communicate with it via pipes. It merely creates a 
QT thread object to run the interpreter within. It offers an API to run, go, 
step over, into, out of the script and to abort the script at any time 
(interrupt still missing). Currently breakpoints are in work. Methods to 
query dictionaries are planned. Stdout and stderr are captured within the 
interpreter and signaled as well as the interpreter state.

I use this to execute a python script step by step for testing. To embedd the 
interpreter has the advantage to extend it easily by the embedding 
application. You just have to be aware of threadding -> use postEvent & 
customer events.

I see no problem to extract the code into a lib and to share it under the 
terms of the GPL. However my time budget does not permit to intergrate it 
into Gideon. But I can actively tinker the API to fit requirements and handle 
bugs within of my code.

Does this help you?


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