Julian Rockey linux at
Mon Dec 23 15:04:45 GMT 2002

On Monday 23 Dec 2002 1:51 pm, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> Thanks for the patches - as far as I know there isn't an active (or at
> least visible) maintainer of the python part, which is probably why nobody
> responded.  Bernd Gehrmann wrote the original, but I'm sure if your patches
> are improvements that they'd be welcome for incorporation.
> The mailing list kdevelop-devel at is probably a better place for
> patches and part discussion.
Thanks - I'll repost the patches there.. I didn't realise there was another 
list for kdevelop development - I didn't see it mentioned on the kdevelop web 
page - though I do remember thinking this list was a little quiet for such a 
large project :-)
> Do you have a CVS account?  We'd love to have you on the team as an active
> maintainer of the python part.
I don't have a CVS account, and I would be prepared to take on the python part 
maintenance, if no-one's doing it at the moment. What got me started here was 
an attempt to allow easy PyQT development with Gideon (and PyKDE too, when 
it's out for 3.1).

I've cross-posted this to kdevelop-devel, as this thread probably belongs 


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